Michal with ZX-Spectrum, 1987
I am a recent computer science graduate from Slovakia who likes to tinker with almost any kind of technology.

When not working, I enjoy watching good movies, reading, cycling or listening to music. Even though my musical taste is pretty distinguished and you have probably never heard of many of my favourite bands, I don’t consider myself a music snob.

I would be happy to hear your feedback about this site and it’s content. Don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks for your visit!

Professional biography

Michal Strehovský holds a Masters degree in computer science from the Masaryk University, Czech Republic. He works as a Software Development Engineer in the .NET CLR team at Microsoft in Redmond, WA.

Fair knowledge of low-level and rich experience in object-oriented development give him an interesting perspective on computer programming. Even though his main interests lay in the area of emulation, virtualization, run time systems & operating systems, he is also interested in security, development tools (profilers, debuggers, compilers) and computer graphics.

Michal is fluent in several computer programming languages including C#, C, x86/amd64/Z80 assembler, Pascal, Delphi, C++ and to some extent Java, CIL, Haskell and Prolog. He speaks Slovak, Czech and English, won’t become confused if you speak German to him and has some elementary knowledge of Swedish and Hungarian.

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