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Singularity source code released

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Microsoft has finally made the source code of it’s research OS called “Singularity” available to general public.

Singularity is a prototype operating system coded almost entirely in managed code. It’s written using Sing#, a language derived from Spec#, which itself has roots in C#. Spec# adds Eiffel-like contracts (loop invariants, preconditions, postconditions, etc.) to C#. Sing# extends Spec# with low-level constructs required for operating system development and channels required for communication within Singularity’s microkernel.

Okay, now what does this mean?

Other projects attempting to create a CLI-based operating systems are SharpOS (which unfortunatelly uses the aggressive GPLv3 license) and Cosmos (released under a BSD license).

EDIT: I almost forgot the download link for Singularity; you can get it from Codeplex.

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