Celeron J1900 supports EPT

Quick post. I was shopping for a new home server and was eyeing the new Intel Bay Trail CPUs. The only thing that deterred me from buying it was Intel ARK insisting that Celeron J1900 doesn’t support the Extended Page Table (aka Nested Page Table) feature.

From the past I know that ARK is not exactly the best source of knowledge on EPT (go figure) so I kept searching, but I couldn’t find a confirmation. I found a mention of EPT in someone’s /proc/cpuinfo dump, so I bit the bullet and bought it.

C:\Users\Administrator>Coreinfo.exe -v

Coreinfo v3.31 - Dump information on system CPU and memory topology
Copyright (C) 2008-2014 Mark Russinovich
Sysinternals - www.sysinternals.com

Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU  J1900  @ 1.99GHz
Intel64 Family 6 Model 55 Stepping 8, GenuineIntel
Microcode signature: 00000811
HYPERVISOR      -       Hypervisor is present
VMX             *       Supports Intel hardware-assisted virtualization
EPT             *       Supports Intel extended page tables (SLAT)

There you have it – both VT-x and EPT are supported by this CPU.

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