ACLib is a library helping you to protect your applications from being cracked. It contains many detection algorithms to detect if your software is being debugged, monitored or traced. It also contains many powerful functions for detection of breakpoints in your program or in API functions.

ACLib comes with a comprehensive documentation explaining you the basics of cracking and anticracking together with examples showing you the proper use of ACLib.

ACLib is open-source!

ACLib was originally distributed as shareware with prices starting at 30 USD. Because of my switch from Delphi to C#, no new version was released since october 2003. ACLib was slowly falling into oblivion.

This is why I decided to release ACLib as open-source. I would like to thank every registered user of ACLib for their support. I hope that open-sourcing this library will bring it back to life and help even more people to understand the secrets of reverese engineering-proof programming.

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