MGBEmu is a managed Game Boy emulator capable of emulating both Game Boy Classic and Game Boy Color. It allows you to run old Game Boy games on your PC.

Zelda - Oracle of Seasons Screenshot

To run a Game Boy game, you need a ROM image of the game. ROM image is a copy of the Game Boy cartridge contents, stored in a single file (usually with .GB or .GBC extension). You can create ROM images from cartridges you own using a special device connected to your PC, or you can download cartridges from the internet. PDRoms has some free Game Boy cartridge ROMs available for download.

Be aware that some websites offer downloads of cartridge ROMs that are not freely redistributable. Please do not download ROMs of cartridges that you don’t own from these places. And please don’t ask me where to find such websites.

Known limitations

The Lion King screenshot

Technical details

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