SysTuner Light

SysTuner Light is a special version of SysTuner, the powerful Windows tweaker. The Light version is designed to be the world’s smallest Windows tweaker with full plug-in support. SysTuner Light supports Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Although it doesn’t reach the complete functionality of “big” SysTuner, it’s powerful enough for many Windows users.
SysTuner Light screenshot
Trivia: the word Light in SysTuner Light was originally a typo. I intended to call it SysTuner Lite. When I noticed the error, somehow I started to like it and in the end I decided to keep it.

SysTuner vs. SysTuner Light

So what’s the difference between these versions? The first one is size: Light version has only about 64 kB (the full package with docs and plug-ins) and the “big” one has about 600 kB (still very small compared to other tweakers).

The second and the biggest difference is in functions they offer: Light version supports only plugins and has no built-in functions. “Big” version has more than 100 built-in functions, which are used when plug-in would not be able to do the same job. Light version also doesn’t contain any modules.

SysTuner Light was a little experiment I did, when I was disgusted seeing another Windows tweaker with more than 15 MB in size. I wanted to prove, that it is still possible to create small and useful programs.

SysTuner Light is open-source!

Feel free to download the Delphi source code of SysTuner Light from the programming section of my website.

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