SysTuner is a special tool created to help you to optimize, manage and customize Microsoft Windows. SysTuner supports Windows XP/2000/95/98/Me and NT4. By using this program, you will have hundreds of hidden Windows settings only several clicks away. You will be able to increase your hardware performance, customize Start menu and Desktop, restrict access to your computer and many more. You will be able to customize almost any aspect of your Windows as an expert!
SysTuner screenshot
SysTuner comes with several support modules, which are designed to solve everyday problems with Windows and extend its functionality. Beginners will appreciate the Settings Wizard, which will guide them step-by-step through the most common Windows settings. Advanced users will take account of the great range of available settings.

Support of plug-ins allows everyone to add new functions in several minutes with no need of knowing any programming language.

SysTuner is now open-source!

SysTuner was originally distributed as shareware with Slovak version priced at 100 Sk and English version priced at 24.95 USD. Because of lack of new ideas and time to develop it, no new version was released since july 2004. With the arrival of Windows Vista, SysTuner was slowly falling into oblivion.

This is why I decided to release SysTuner as open-source. I would like to thank every registered user of SysTuner for their support. I hope that open-sourcing this program will bring it back to life.

On this page, you can download the latest binary versions of SysTuner. To download the sources, visit the programming section of my website.

Registration information

The installer version available for download still has to be registered. To register the English version, use following registration information:

User name: Registered User
Serial number: STi-23242-IJ3imuaCmcZNLbzFSqPTHpe

To register the Slovak version, use this serial number:

User name: Registered User
Serial number: ST-41490-1

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